Tuesday, April 28, 2015

On Baltimore...

It’s like a broken record. Every time a protest happens there will be idiots who just want to cause trouble. There also are people who are so beyond fed up with an oppressive system that an emotional outburst occurs. That’s what we’re seeing in Baltimore right now. On April 12th Freddie Gray was arrested. 45 minutes later his spine was severed 80 percent and he would die a week later. There have been no answers given as to why he was arrested, how he was injured, and what was going to be done to the 6 officers who by their own admission did not administer proper medical attention to an obviously injured man. 

I must be a masochist because I have tried and be rational and explain that every time this happens it derails the conversation to focus more on the aftermath than what led to the action. And invariably it will always lead to discrediting the Black Lives Matter movement. Allow me to say to anyone who was curious on my opinion (which may be few to none at this point) that yes we all know that all lives matter, but right now we’re talking about black lives and the unfair treatment and executions that are becoming common place it seems. I saw a joke that basically said people who scream all lives matter when this topic comes up must go to funerals and scream “I know someone who died too!” 

I’ve also seen a ton of “hilarious” memes showing Martin Luther King Jr and others marching beside a photo of a young man rioting. They claim this is what real protesting looks like. 
Conveniently leaving out the silly part where they were attacked with dogs, fire hoses, had rocks thrown at them and spit on.
Can this be added to the meme too?
 Another pet peeve is whenever I get hit with a “well Dr. King wouldn’t want this” or something of that nature. We’d know what he thought had he not BEEN SHOT IN THE FACE while protesting so properly. 

I think that all of this could have been avoided had one thing happened. The police just admitted they made a mistake. Come out and speak to the community and let them know the 6 individuals acted over zealously and would see their day in court unlike Mr. Gray. I’ve said this a million times but if you don’t call out the abusive ass clowns, it makes the job harder for the good guys. Speak up for John Crawford, Tamir Rice, Akai Gurley, Rekia Boyd and far too many others to put here and say yes we are police and yes these deaths are unacceptable. No one is above criticism as no one is perfect. You have a hard job, we all know and acknowledge this fact, but you knew that when you signed up. I’m not anti-police, but what I am anti is this notion that they have to be treated with kid gloves and nothing negative can be said. 

I know this will come off as complaining but I had to get this off my chest. The Puma should probably run. He happens to be getting married in 4 days. Peace.

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