Thursday, January 16, 2014

On Kap and Russell Wilson.

Ah yes 2014 is here and unfortunately the bullshit of 2013, 2012, 2011 etc. have already creeped in. What has the Puma of Chocolate persuasion all riled up today? Why that would be the Seattle Seahawk “fans” and sports media perpetuating a lame ass story. Now before my friends from the Pacific Northwest get all angry at me I am not referring to you, I am referring to the idiotic"fans" that have no idea who Shaun Alexander, Steve Largent, or Cortez Kennedy is. Why are these fans the worst? Because they pass around dumb ass pictures like this:

Ugh. Really? Is this the kind of game we wanna play? And what makes it worse is that sports media such as the “worldwide leader” ESPN have pointless talks about whether or not Kaepernick is too cocky.

Based on what? His Instagram feed? I'm sorry I thought that was a personal thing where he posts whatever the hell he wants. Maybe, just maybe he doesn't want his charitable donations flaunted in public.

If you based  your impression of me off my Instagram feed it would leave the impression I was a crazy dog person who spends his time around maniacs on public transportation. How about I don’t know doing something called research. In 10 seconds I found out he works with a camp for children born with heart defects. Wanna know how long it took me to find that out? 20 seconds!
What an asshole!
Now none of this is written in any way to bash Russell Wilson, I find the guy to be quite entertaining and the undisputed king of the pump fake. He’s an exciting kid to watch but the narrative of “Respectable Russell” and “Cocky Colin” is getting old and frankly seems a bit offensive. Kaepernick often is shown in a manner being this spoiled and entitled jerk, while Russell is a salt of the earth angel who in no way to ever be spoken negatively about. If you're going to debate the merits of these two supremely talented athlete use stats and on the field play but the insulting "who's worthy of being respected" story has got to stop.

Rant over.