Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Top Ten Athletes of 2008...(to date)

10. Carlos Quentin, OF, Chicago White Sox:
When I saw the Sox traded for the oft injured outfielder I thought this was one of the dumbest moves of the off season. Well boy was I wrong. He has batted .292, driven in 100 runs, and leads the league home runs.

9. Kobe Bryant, G, LA Lakers:
All Kobe did was lead the Lakers to the NBA finals and win the NBA mvp. Sounds like a productive year.

8 and 7. Tom Brady and Randy Moss, New England Patriots:
I know they did most of their work in 2007, but it was so impressive that I have to throw them on this list. Brady threw 50 touchdown passes and Moss caught the majority of them (not really, just exaggerating to make a point.)

6. Brandon Webb, P, Arizona Diamondbacks:
No pitcher has piled up wins in a more silent fashion than Webb has this season. A bright spot on an otherwise dark season for the NL West.

5. Kevin Garnett, F, Boston Celtics:
The real reason that the Celtics won the title, he was the defensive force and changed the mindset of the entire Celtics organization, Bill Russell style.

4. Josh Hamilton, OF, Texas Rangers:
No one's emergence this year has been more satisfying to see than Hamilton's. Once almost lost to the grip of drugs, he has come back with a vengeance. After putting on a Ruthian display at the home run derby he has continued to power the high powered Texas Rangers offense.

3. Michael Phelps:
8 Gold medals. Nuff said.

2. Usain Bolt:
Bolt gets the nod because of the fashion in which he won. No sprinter has won in such dominating style...ever.

1. Tiger Woods:
Anyone who knows me knows of my admiration for Woods and that was before the US Open in which he won with a hairline fracture and a torn ACL. The only golfer who can be truly classified as an amazing athlete. Congrats Tiger, you will recieve your Puma Plaque in the mail soon.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tiger Tiger Tiger Woods ya'll

I know this commercial is old, but it is well done and just resonates with me for a reason. Stay tuned, tomorrow I give you the top ten athletes of the 2008 sports year (to date.)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oh yeah

In case anybody was curious about which political camp I firmly stand in:

Obama/Biden 2008 bitches.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Guess who's back...

Ladies an gentlemen, I have urgent news to report...The Chocolate Puma is back and is angrier and more sarcastic than ever.

The first topic, the shameful campaign tactics used by John McCain and his camp.

Really? So Barack Obama, the Harvard alum, community activist, and senator is on the same level as Paris Hilton who never graduated high school and Britney Spears who has made more news recently for not wearing underwear? Are you serious? Are you fucking kidding me? This whole campaign is just sickening. This is not the McCain of '08, the rogue senator who went across party lines to do what he thought was right. This version will do anything to gain the vote of conservative republicans. If elected I am afraid he will just be Geroge W. 2.0 (the older version). Well, I guess that's acceptable, as long as he doesn't have a funny sounding name.