Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Quandry of The Anonymous NFL Executive

I have noticed a growing trend that occurs every year around the NFL Draft and I suppose you the loyal followers of the Puma deserve to hear about it. As we get closer and closer to the sports nerds Thanksgiving (Christmas of course being the NBA Draft) the "anonymous NFL executive" becomes a very vocal person. And usually this anonymous person does not come baring good news. And more often than not his verbal barbs always strike the black quarterback.

Don't believe me? How about this report on Teddy Bridgewater: "He's a dynamic playmaker, but is he the guy you want running your offense? They're very similar." The he in his quote is of course reference to the fictional quarterback Willie Beamen from "Any Given Sunday." 
Hmm...what's the similarity? I wonder...
The flashy, me first player who rarely put team first. Teddy Bridgewater was the most mild mannered player who never so much as had a parking ticket. Contrast that with the scouting report for the player who actually resembled Beamen the most, Johnny Manziel: "Mental Toughness: Performs at a high level under constant media attention and scrutiny."
What a leader!
He failed to mention constant spats with coaches and by his own admission learning a little over half of the playbook. But yeah he shows grit.

This year the man up to the plate is Jameis Winston.
Now allow me to state this, off the field he has been a moron and possibly a criminal. Thanks to the Tallahassee police screwing up the investigation, we may never know the answer as to whether he is a criminal. On the field however, there is no question that he is the best quarterback in the current draft. Don't take my word for it, how about we take the word of Steve Mariucci who has worked with such quarterbacks as Steve Young and Brett Favre. "The most astute X's and O's guy that he's ever put on the board." Rich Eisen added, "He was not only answering the questions that Steve was throwing at him but anticipating what that question might lead to next and answering that question before Steve even posed it."

Now look, off the field concerns are huge. But when evaluating a player, let's not make up things about his on the field play. Be open and just admit you're scared off by the off the field stuff. Believe me it's a legit reason to not draft a guy.

Well I've ranted enough. Suppose I'll work up a mock draft lottery for you all. I promise, no unnecessary slander.

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mark lawrence said...

Well, I am a great fan of NFL. Last year I was invited to famous party venues in Houston, and there I saw famous NFL player Teddy Bridgewater. I wish I could have talked to him, but my bad luck.