Monday, September 29, 2008

The Children Are Our Future.

This is why me and my friends children and future children are probably better than yours.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Chocolate Heisman Standings

5. Tim Tebow, QB, Florida: 38-of-64 passing, 489 yards, 5 TDs; 34 rushes, 118 yards.
Not to say that Tebow's number's are not good, but he is in the five position due to the fact he is the defending Heisman winner. Florida is a much deeper team this year so the odds if him putting up the numbers he did last year are slim to none, but he is still a beast of the highest order.

4. Jeremy Maclin, WR/KR, Missouri: 26 receptions, 391 yards, 4 TDs; 8 rushes, 43 yards, 1 TD; 12 punt returns, 123 yards; 7 kickoff returns, 217 yards, 1 TD.
Simply put, he is the most elusive man in all of college football. If you get the ball in his hands in open space he is a threat to go the distance every time.

3. Javon Ringer, RB, Michigan State: 143 rushes, 699 yards, 11 TDs; 4 receptions, 37 yards; 9 kickoff returns, 200 yards.
While I believe that the Big Ten is overrated, on thing that is the workhorse playing in East Lansing. The extremely durable back leads the nation in over 30. Oh and did I mention he returns kicks as well? If he keeps this up he could bring a little of the luster back to the Big Ten that the SEC has beaten off of them in the past few years.

2. Knowshown Moreno, RB, Georgia: 69 rushes, 455 yards, 9 TDs; 7 receptions, 96 yards; 2 punt returns, 30 yards.
IT's hard for the Puma to put Knowshown on here because it would mean admitting my boy Young Swole was right. But he hit the nail on the head when he talked about this youngster being the most complete back in the nation after seeing his virtuoso performance in the desert last weekend.

And the leader of the pack in the innagural Puma Heisman standings is...
Chase Daniel, QB, Missouri: 101-of-133 passing, 1,412 yards, 12 TDs, 1 INT; 14 rushes, 74 yards.
The man is putting up Tecmo Bowl number this season and he plays in the highly competitive Big 12 which earns him extra points in my eyes. And although he played Buffalo last week he did complete 20 consecutive passes which is impressive no matter who you play.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Not to be insensitive or anything, but the word duh comes to mind when seeing this magazine cover.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Old People...

You know, I respect old people as much as the next guy, but sometimes the excuse of "they're old, they're set in their ways" gets annoying. I work with an old guy who says "I'm not voting for Barack Obama because he is a Muslim and a terrorist." So the Harvard educated man who has attended the same Christian church for over 20 years, worked as a community organizer, and has been elected state and U.S. senator did all of this as a ploy to work his way to the highest office in the land just to ruin the country if he got elected.

I find that to be funny as well. Now this wouldn't be a big deal to me if Obama wasn't running against an old man. John McCain who has said let's export cigarettes so we can kill Iranians, sang "bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran," to the tune of the Beach Boys Barbara Ann, and to you femisinists out there he was even caught on tape calling his wife Cindy a "cunt." He explained it by saying it was a joke. Well I would hate to hear what he says to here if he was pissed, also doesn't bode well for him trying to gain women voters, but that's another story. I guess we can let him off the hook, I mean he was a POW...and he's old.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


You know I have been relatively quiet since the announcement that Sarah "The Barracuda" Palin was named the republican vice presidential nominee. It just seems weird to me that now if you question her credentials you are deemed sexist. James Carville said her nomination seemed odd due to the experience that she had and he was called sexist by Michele Bachman saying it was "offensive to American women." Really, people still question Obama's experience but I guess it's okay since he's a man. Hell people still question whether or not he is Christian. But once again I guess it's okay if you're not a woman. So I won't mock her, I would hate to be labeled a sexist.