Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Just a few thoughts

It's been a while since young Puma has blessed you all with a delightful ranting post. Well between a pretty damn fun wedding, a pretty damn fun honeymoon and just trying to get back into the swing of things at work I've been just a tad busy. But I am now free to give you all the amazing point of views that you, my loyal readers demand. Today I believe I will hit you with just a quick rapid fire edition of my ambling style that at least one of you has to like. Law of averages right?

  • Ah yes, the NBA finals are among us. I have to say when Kyrie Irving went down I said the Warriors would win in 5. After the valiant effort in game two to sneak a win away in one of the most hostile territories in the NBA last I have this to say. IT WILL STILL END IN 5! Why am I not moved by what I saw? Because I’m petty.  I don’t like the Cavs so the odds of me favoring them for anything short of deportation is very slim.
  • I know this isn't happening for another 2 years but the excitement I have for the new Black Panther can't be quantified by words. It takes everything in my body to not walk around screaming "THIS IS WAKANDA!"
  • This season of Game of Thrones...holy hell. From the "controversial" scene involving Sansa (You know what I'm referring to) to the White Walkers hitting us with some oh shit moments I am terrified to watch the season finale next week because let's be honest, the producers love to torture us.
  • As I write this it is Kanye West's birthday, in honor of his glorious birth I will now give you my favorite track from each of his studio release because my life is dope and I do dope shit.
College Dropout: All Falls Down

Late Registration: Drive Slow

Graduation: Homecoming
808s and Heartbreak:The Coldest Winter
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: Devil In a New Dress

Yeezus: Black Skinhead

Alright, here I go wading into the most recent example of police over reach. In case you haven't been paying attention in McKinney, Texas a pool party unraveled into a war between the forces of good against the most dangerous thing on the face of the planet...teenagers at a pool party. In a video I won't post a cop barrel rolls into the shot and begins running around chasing people like it's a damn John Woo movie. A girl apparently disobeys him so he grabs her by the hair, flings her down and puts his knee into her back.
Who's the fat bastard chilling in the background?
A 14 year old girl in a swimsuit disrespected his "autoritah" or was such a public nuisance that he felt the need to forcibly throw her down and then pull his gun on clearly unarmed teens. He does nothing to the instigator of the entire situation who apparently yelled at black children "Go back to your section 8 housing" but thought this was a proper reaction. Maybe it's just me but if teens who at worst crashed a pool party scares you to this point then maybe you shouldn't be a cop. It amazes me that we see examples of this all the time yet the response most of the time is to yell well "there are good cops too." I'm sure there are, so I'm gonna need some of them to step in and maybe just maybe corral these abusive ass clowns.  

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