Thursday, June 4, 2009

More random...

· I love these ads, particularly the black baby. Awesome

·I saw on the news that a doctor at an abortion clinic was gunned down during a church service, apparently by a lunatic who is pro life. The irony of the whole situation is depressing and dos nothing to help his cause.

·What the hell is a Lady Gaga?

·Dear crazy white women, when you want to leave your husbands please divorce them and file for custody instead of claiming you have been kidnapped by a random black guy, it’s getting old.

·The whole Derek Rose controversy is crap. First of all, if he were a regular student with his grades would he have been accepted to the schools that were offering him scholarships such as UCLA and University of Illinois? No. And let’s be real, Rose was not sent to college to learn, he was there to play basketball and earn the University, NCAA, and John Calipari assloads of money. Mission accomplished. Doesn’t mean he is a bad kid, it’s all a part of “amateur” athletics today.

·Father’s rights in this and apparently Brazil are jacked up. David Goldman’s wife divorced him and moved to Brazil taking their kid with her. She passed away a few years later, so the kid should go to the biological father that wants him right? Apparently in Brazil the stepfather gets precedent because he has been with him longer. The only reason he was with him longer is because he happens to be on the same continent. Hopefully one day Mr. Goldman will be able to regain the custody of his son he so rightfully deserves.

Once again, that’s all I got, more later I am sure. Oh and listen to Raphael Saadiq’s last album “The way I see it,” it’s a good listen.