Thursday, June 28, 2012

10 Worst Draft Day Suits

I know what the people want and that's why I am here to give it to you. For weeks people having been hounding the Puma about the NBA draft, well wait no longer because the definitive list is complete and I am ready to share. Without further ado I present the ten worst draft day suits!

Honorable Mention:
Larry Johnson, SF, UNLV:
This is only an honorable mention as I don't know if this was for a post draft photo shoot or the actual draft day.Either way the '90s were a bad time.

10. Bobby Jackson, G, Minnesota
Not a completely terrible idea, execution was lacking however.

9. Maurice Taylor, PF, Michigan
Teal bruh? And with pinstripes? Wooo! Like I said earlier, the '90s were a rough time for us all.

8. Drew Gooden, PF, Kansas
They call you "The Goods." This sir is most certainly not good.

7. Peja Stojakovic, SF, Yugoslavia
"What is this velvet?" David Stern asked incredulously
Look closely at that suit. You'll understand why it is on this list.

6. Tim Thomas, SF, Villanova
A tailor can be your best friend Tim.

5. Glenn Robinson, SF, Purdue
What in the name of Dolemite Hell is this? He looks like he ought to be hustling someone in a pool hall.

4. Jalen Rose, PG, Michigan
This one hurts as I am a big fan of the Jalen Rose podcast and really think highly of his analysis of the NBA. But red pinstripes? This is not what the people want.

3. Erick Dampier, C, Mississippi St.
Speaking of red...

2. Karl Malone, PF, Louisiana Tech
 Not that big a fan of Malone as a person (see here) but he was without question a top 5 player during the 90s and arguably the best power forward of all time. What however can not be argued is the fact that he could get a big boy tie for his big mnoment.

1. Samaki Walker, PF,  Louisville
The undisputed champion of bad draft night suits is here. I don't know how to describe this except for to say Bishop Don Juan would be proud. This suit reminds me of something that the old wrestler The Godfather would wear. Don't know him, here he is:
Pimpin' ain't easy man!

Well folks glad I was able to satiate your need for random and somewhat pointless information. To my basketball geeks enjoy the draft and to the rest of you get on our level.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What a finals.

What an NBA Finals. And I know what you’re thinking, “how can I truly enjoy this without the Chocolate Puma’s opinion?” Well don’t you fret baby birds. The Puma is here to fulfill those needs!

First things first, I have given Lebron James hell over the past few seasons but even I have to stand up and applaud right now. He is balling his ass off. A triple double machine, he appears to have finally stopped listening to fans and has completely gone into F-U mode. Well done sir. And no need to worry fans or should I say fan of the Puma I will go back to hating as soon as the next point is made.

No one is as big a hater on the Miami Heat than I am but even I have to say I am impressed for two reasons. First, while we knew Lebron was going to do what he does, but Shane Battier? It’s like the 2006 version of Battier decided to show up for this one. Also Erik Spoelstra is actually outcoaching someone? Huh? What kind of bizarre universe is this?

 If the Thunder lose this series it won’t be on the back of the worst point guard in the world according to many. Russell Westbrook is a guy who showed the only person on the floor right now that can stop him is Russell Westbrook.

 Now James Harden on the other hand was shook. He looked more like John Starks last night than ever. The potential for a big night is there but in the moment he shrunk.
What? Me? Shoot? Nah. I'll just stand here though.

I’m gonna need Jon Barry and the ESPN crew to go away. We need the TNT crew with Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, and Kenny Smith. The best crew in sports today I would argue.

 I am actively rooting against the Miami Heat but for a different reason than most. Lebron and those guys have earned a ring but the constant complaining by “Heat fan” Lil’ Wayne has annoyed the shit out of me. He tries to go to a Thunder game and is told we don’t have any more courtside seats. Clearly because he’s black and didn’t show up the day of right? Oh he did show up the day of, then disregard. Then he complained once he got tickets he had to go out the entrance other fans do, not the player’s entrance so he could chill with the Heat. Well I declare I do believe I’ve caught the vapors from this injustice. Is this guy serious?
Any man that wears this can't complain about anything...ever.
    I hope you all realize the history being made in this Finals. If the Heat win, Eddy Curry will have a championship while Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, and Elgin Baylor didn’t. EDDY CURRY!
Yup...Eddy. Curry.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NBA Finals Preview

Wow NBA, what a job done these playoffs. Outside of Derrick Rose going down with the torn ACL and destroying my hopes and dreams of a Bulls championship this has been a very exciting playoffs. And to no one’s surprise the Thunder will be taking their game to South Beach to take on the hated Miami Heat. Everyone is out there choosing sides, so allow me to give my 100% biased opinion which will probably end with the Miami Heat losing in 6 games.
PG: Mario Chalmers vs. Russell Westbrook

Lawd do I even have to give you the edge on this one? This is gonna be a freaking massacre in my opinion.  Chalmers averaging 11.5, Westbrook is averaging 21.7. Westbrook also is a monster defensively.
Edge: OKC

SG: Dwayne Wade vs. Thabo Sefolohsa
I’m gonna give the edge to Wade on this one not surprising, but Wade has not played well this postseason. At times he has taken the first half off, Sefolosha is a very capable defender and should frustrate him enough.
Edge: Miami

SF: Lebron James vs Kevin Durant
Holy hell, if I hear one more person tell me James is a choke artist I am gonna need you to shut the hell up. And it pains me to say, I am as big a hater there is when it comes to the Heat. With Bosh injured, Wade not showing up, he has been a one man wrecking crew. Now the Durantula has been impressive as well and now appears to be playing a little better defense but right now Lebron is the best baller on the planet.

Edge: Miami

PF: Chris Bosh vs Serge Ibaka
Bosh is by far the superior offensive player but he is coming off a very annoying injury which usually lingers. Serge Ibaka is a young defensive beast, if he can kick in ten points off putbacks which is his usual, this could push the advantage over to the Thunder. Given that Bosh will have time to rest a bit from the injury I am going to call it even for now.
Edge: Draw

C: Ronny Turiaf vs Kendrick Perkins
Come on dawg. Perks in a landslide.
Edge: OKC

The Thunder boast a bench with 6th man of the year James Harden, playoff vet Derek Fisher, and hustle man Nick Collision. The Heat has Udonis Haslem, Norris Cole, Shane Battier and well a bunch of guys who won’t contribute. I mean they have Eddy Curry sitting on their bench.
Edge: OKC

Coaching: Erik Spoelstra vs Scott Brooks
Look at Miami when it comes time to draw up a final shot and you understand why I gotta give the edge to Brooks. Greg Popovich put a clown suit on Brooks the first two games of the Western Conference Finals, he adjusted and ended their 20 game win streak and sent the Spurs back to the Alamo.
Edge: OKC
That's right folks, I'm in the NBA Finals!

Overall this is going to be a great series, Lebron will answer the questions regarding his individual performance in big games but unfortunately for him his supporting cast doesn’t play as well. Oklahoma City will close this out in 6. Holy shit!  Just like I said up top. Let the reign of NostraThompson begin.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Black Music Month

I recently read the other day that it’s Black music month. And it got me to thinking about which song by a Black artist has had a profound experience on me. Something that would could possible describe as a seminal moment in their life. I have plenty of albums that I have listened to that I say my life is better having heard it. Musical masterpieces such as Aquemini by Outkast, Train of Thought by Reflection Eternal, or Innervisions by Stevie Wonder all have helped me become the Puma that you all know and love and to try and nail down the one song that has had the most effect on me is impossible. So in true cop out fashion I am going to nail down the five most powerful songs to me presented in no particular order.

5. You Must Love Me:  Jay-Z (Vol 1: In My Lifetime)
Definitely the most personal track out of the entire catalog of Shawn Carter, Hova shows he is not just about the jewels and bragging about his wealth. He reflects with guilt on the past mistakes of his life from selling drugs to his mother to his guilt over sending a past love on a drug run.  You hear the regret in his voice and how it had affected him at the moment he recorded it. 

4. Good Times: Sam Cooke (Single)
Most people for good reason always think of “A Change is Gonna Come” when Sam is brought up, and for good reason, that is one of the greatest songs ever. This song is more powerful for me due to the memories that this invokes. Hearing this takes me back to hanging with my grandmother and hearing her sing this. It takes me to a happy place.

3.  What’s Going On? : Marvin Gaye (What’s Going On)
Do I even need to explain this one?

2.  The Blast: Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek (Train of Thought)
I remember the moment I first heard this song. I came home from a long day of school, turned the tv on and plopped onto my bed. Then I heard that opening line and have been a Kweli fan ever since. 

1.  I Can’t Write Left Handed: Bill Withers
Bill Withers first and foremost is probably the most underrated singer of the last 50 years.  From ‘Lean on Me’ to ‘Use Me’ to ‘Just the two of us.’ He was and still is amazing. This song about a young soldier’s perspective of the Vietnam War is downright heartbreaking and will no doubt touch you.

And presented for no reason really I leave you with Billy Preston aka Agent Double O Soul.

So happy Black Music Month, go out there and pick up albums by Jimi Hendrix, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and others. And while you're at it burn your Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane albums...damn it.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Say what you will, the Kanye can make a sweet video.