Monday, October 19, 2015

The Great Kirk Cousins Debate

Before I start writing this I just want to say that I like Kirk Cousins. I think he’s a nice guy, and by all accounts seems to be a damn decent human. However I’m really being turned away from the guy with the constant coddling in the face of bad play especially by head coach of the Washington Racial Slurs Jay Gruden. 
"I have no idea what's going on."
At this point we’re close to reaching Tebow levels of excuse making for this guy. Seriously, below are some of the quotes said by his own head coach: 

"Yeah I don't know. I'll have to look at the film. Like I said - also, it was little windy.” 

“I know he could have played better, but we had no running game whatsoever, and Kirk’s not in the stage in his career right now — nor is anyone on our roster — to carry our team throwing the ball as much as we would have had to today.”

Contrast that to what was said by Gruden about former face of the franchise Robert Griffin III after he had the first 2 interception game of his career:

"So, from his basic performance just critiquing Robert, it's not even close to good enough to what we expect from the quarterback position."

Seems a tad bit harsh for a guy who earlier in his career may have had statistically the best season ever by a rookie quarterback  and led the team to the playoffs before Mike Shanahan ran his leg into a nub to get there. Seriously, go back and look at some of those plays he dialed up for Griffin and you’d be amazed. Think I am just caping for another black quarterback? Ok well let’s let the stat’s do the talking for me.

In his career Cousins has always been lauded for his ability to read defenses, something Griffin gets no credit for.
He certainly read that defense well eh?
 Yet in 17 less games he has thrown 4 more interceptions on 428 fewer pass attempts. Of quarterbacks with at least 25 interceptions in NFL history only Sage Rosenfels, Trent Dilfer and Charlie Frye threw them at a higher rate. This is the maestro of reading defenses? 

Another aspect of Griffin’s game that seemingly gets overlooked is his ability to run the ball. You want to talk about the lack of weapons Cousins has?
Ran for over 800 yards as a rookie...what a bum.
They essentially have had the same weapons. How was it good enough for Griffin but somehow they’re the lowliest bums on the face of the planet when it comes to Cousins.

At this point I think it’s getting downright embarrassing for all parties involved. I wish Gruden would just come out and say “I don’t like Robert Griffin.” Then just let him go so he can continue his once promising career elsewhere.