Wednesday, February 27, 2013

5 Years of Outstanding Achievments in the Field of Excellence

What a day here for the Chocolate Puma and subsequently in the lives of everyone who reads this blog or those who are consistently pestered by me to read it. On this day five years ago out of sheer boredom and the need to spread my special brand of hating I began the Chocolate Puma’s Lair. One angry post at a hypocritical Natalie Cole later a tradition of ranting uncontrollably was born. I have hit on topics from sports to music to politics to even shamelessly proclaiming my love for certain products in the slight chance an employee of one those places decided to give me free products (holla at me Movado, anything from the Automatic collection would be great)
For instance, this Movado Red Label.
I suppose there are a few people I should thank although there is nowhere near enough room to properly thank everyone who influenced and helped me out with this blog. First of all my mom, for giving birth to me, and my sisters for being the source of many embarrassing photos and stories. In the same vein I also must thank my delightfully wacky nieces and dastardly handsome nephew.
Me teaching my nephew a lesson in humility
They are all the best parts of my sisters and I am proud of them all. I should probably thank the person responsible for the nickname “The Chocolate Puma.” During my time going to bars regularly I was meeting up with friends from high school and as I was the last one to arrive Kevin “Don’t call me Ernest Bernard” McInerney grabbed me and said “look at you slinking across the dance floor…like a…chocolate puma.” Thus the legend was born.

I have loved every moment of this blog too, and while I don’t really track how many people actually come through here; those who do are immensely appreciated. There have been many highs during this run, but there have also been a few lows. And through those lows writing on this blog has been downright therapeutic at times. So for followers of the Puma know that there are hopefully many more years ahead of me and as long as I am able to, The Chocolate Puma’s Lair will be here, giving you the unsolicited opinion of a man who is indeed a legend in his own mind.

Thank you.

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K said...

I'm humbled by the shoutout. You're an inspiration, forever and always.

E. B. McInerney