Thursday, March 14, 2013

Daliances in Disrespect presented by the Puma

With the recent evisceration on Brandon Knight by DeAndre Jordan many people have been calling it the most disrespectful display of dominance in the history of sports. Well slow down baby birds that is why old Uncle Puma is here to set you straight. After much soul searching and many hours of the Youtube I have compiled the top 5 all time sports disrespectful moments, for argument’s sake I am going to include things ten years and older. Enjoy.

5. Brian Bosworth is introduced to Bo Jackson.
Brian Bosworth was the savior to the linebacker position. A hard hitting beast that was unable to be stopped from unleashing his particular brand of pain and destruction amongst unprepared offensive players…or so the media would have you believe. On a goal line play he goes one on one with Bo Jackson and the result was such an epic example of ownage that Bosworth was exposed as overrated and eventually spent his time starring in horrible action movies.
4. Pete Rose being Pete Rose aka a massive dick.
If it's any consolation, you'll make the Hall of Fame before me.
At the 1970 All-Star game, a meaningless game mind you, Pete Rose rounded third and with the intensity of a lion pouncing on its prey and destroyed Fosse at the plate separating his shoulder and effectively altering his career forever.

3. Shawn Kemp brings shame to Alton Lister’s family.

Shawn Kemp was Blake Griffin before Blake Griffin. People forget how legit a player he was. And for my money he may be the most powerful in game dunker of all time. Attacking the rim with a fury unmatched by players of this generation, only this time 7’0 Alton Lister dare challenge him. What transpired after that was one of the great dunk shamings of all time.

2. Vince Carter meet Fredric Weis

Wrap your brain around this one, Vince Carter leaped and cleared a 7’2 center. Cleared him. Holy crap.

1. Scottie Pippen reminds Patrick Ewing who is boss.

First off what makes this dunk the best disrespectful domination of all time is one, the heated rivalry between the two teams. Second, the early 90’s Knicks were as tough as they come, no layups were allowed or you were promptly put on your ass. Not only did Pip dare venture into the lane, he eviscerated the leader of hooligans and for that the 10 year old Puma was forever grateful.

(Sidenote: In looking up all these dunks the Puma noticed that Patrick Ewing got dunked on…a lot. If not for Shawn Bradley he may have been the most dunked on person in the 90s.)

Well folks I’m gonna leave you with the dunk that caused this entire rant…WITH COMMENTARY BY WWE HALL OF FAME ANNOUNCER JIM ROSS!!!!

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