Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Randomness Galore

My mind has been filled with ideas, thoughts, and rants recently and to be honest with all of you it’s been quite difficult to nail it down to just one subject to write about. So I think we all know what time it is…Uncle Puma is about to bless you all with one of his incoherent ramblings. You’re welcome.

· So a high school in New York thought it would be good for a laugh if hey let’s dress up at a pep rally, wear black face and then re-enact the Chris Brown-Rihanna domestic abuse episode. I honestly don’t even know where to begin because this has all kinds of levels of fucked up going on. First off when did it become school spirit to effectively mock a woman being brutally beaten? Also black face? In 2012? Word? The adults in charge are either racist misogynists or incredibly stupid. 
Nothing says school spirit like domestic violence!

· So Nike is dropping Lance Armstrong. Duh. What’s funny to me is I have heard people using an argument of “well Nike didn’t drop Tiger Woods.” True, maybe because Tiger cheated on his wife, not cheated to win. Hell given the amount of women I have always said I was impressed Tiger was good enough to win golf tournaments because he clearly wasn’t practicing putting in his spare time.


 · The start of the NBA season is like Christmas to me. No other sport has reached me in the manner of basketball and even sitting and watching preseason basketball games has been just a dream to me.

· That said, how about that NHL huh? Last year I saw so many hockey fans reveling in the fact the NBA was locked out. Not realizing they were in the same position. I wonder where these kids are now? I wanna see how these “thugs who are lucky to play a game” should just accept whatever deal and get back to work.

· Hey soccer, this shit is getting old. How are you the world’s most popular game and still remarkably racist in far too many instances? I know 99% of matches go off without a hitch but damn it when it does it’s deplorable. Seriously UEFA get this shit under control.

·  THE WALKING DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!
· I get sick of hearing everything that’s wrong with America. So I am gonna tell you what’s right with America. That's right...laughing baby videos.

Alright gang I am out, look for my NBA preview of the top players and teams in the coming week.

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