Friday, October 19, 2012

Here we go again.

Hello fans of the Puma I wish you all a happy Friday. From time to time I am known to rant. And guess what kids? Uncle Puma has prepared for you a short little rant. You see I was doing something I do every morning and that’s check up on the sports news of the previous day by watching a little program called ‘Sportscenter.’ I bet you can tell where this rant is headed. You see despite the fact a team swept its way into the World Series, a top 5 team from college football was playing and a battle for the top of the NFC West happened the first story that led off was on the back up QB for a team that’s 3-3. 

Now that’s not the shocking part, I get that people like Tim Tebow and he’s going to be covered, but talk of him playing running back is in a word downright stupid and also a smidge disrespectful to running backs. Allow me to explain. You see the New York Jets average on the ground 111.2 yards per game which is 15th overall. They pass however for 184.3 yards per game which is 30th. So the real problem is not with the running game, but more with the passing game which spoiler alert, he can’t help. 
"Uh who did you say was gonna play running back?"

And maybe I am embellishing a bit calling it “a disrespect to running backs” if he plays the position, but it does do a disservice to all running backs if you think he can do this better than the backs on their roster. Will he try hard? Absolutely, but guess what? So are the other backs.  The secret to the success of Tebow was the threat of him passing the ball (even if he could barely do that) and getting that moment’s hesitation in the defense. With him as a running back he does not have that hesitation or the elusiveness to get away. You see it on his little read options they run.
"But I'm trying guys!"
 If you get him running east-west, the best he can get is back to the line of scrimmage. So please for the love of God, knock off the Tebow as New York football hero who will save the day stuff ESPN. It’s about time the Puma’s loyal fan base had something other than me espousing truth on that kid.

On a brighter note:

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