Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Top Three Shooting Guards

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the most chocolatey shooting in the league.

3. Dwayne Wade, Miami Heat
Last year he appeared to regress but that was mainly due to the fact he was injured. Now that he is healthy I expect to see a return to the Wade of '06. The kid who can get to the rim at will and when given a cushion is a very accurate jump shooter. Also Wade is one of the best finishers in the league.

2. Tracy McGrady, Houston Rockets

T-Mac is one of the best offensive guards in the NBA and it is a crime that he is constantly blamed for an underachieving Rockets squad that has yet to get out of the first round. He is a very good jump shooter and ask one of the many people he has dunked on over the course of his career and they will testify to his still impressive leaping ability. He defense leaves much to be desired but hey he's not the top 2 guard in the league.

1. Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers

Kobe is the best 2 guard in the league and there is no question about that. He is the best man to man defender at his position and maybe in the league, he is an offensive assassin who has no qualms about taking the big shot. He is one of the few players who can dominate agame simply by being on the court, his presence is that large.

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