Wednesday, October 22, 2008

OJ...Damn It

There are certain people you want to believe, be it parents, friends or in my case OJ Simpson. You see my defense of OJ began when as a child I saw a woman not related to the Brown or Goldman family who OJ allegedly killed their family members Ron and Nicole. This woman was crying and screaming that he was "guilty as sin." One problem, she wasn't there. In fact she has never even been to the state of California. She was standing outside my elementary school in Mississippi. She and others like her had to be stopped. I had no problem if someone says "I think he is guilty," but to just assume guilt I had an issue with.

I came up with many theories to support my hypothesis that the Juice did not put the squeeze ob these two innocent people. But his latest actions just have me finished. In fact I wanna accuse OJ of crimes I KNOW he didn't commit. Did OJ kill JFK? You got it. Did he rape that girl in Colorado and blame Kobe? Pass the kool-aid. He rig the election in 2000? Oh sweet Jesus yes.

This dumb ass shows up to some hotel room with a bunch of thugs and tries to steal a bunch of memorabilia that he signed and SOLD and this moron brings guns. A man accused of murder show up and brings guns. So I am through. I now need someone else to defend religiously. I wonder what R. kelly is up to these days...

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