Friday, March 22, 2013

Day One of the 2013 NCAA Tourney: A Puma's Tale

The NCAA tournament is upon us. So if you don’t want to hear about brackets, matchups, and his my strategy will work this year I invite you to hit the little “x” in the right hand corner. After much though and far more hours of research than was probably needed I settled on my picks. Below is the tale of a man anxiously watching gametracker, twitter and google alerts for scoring updates until I got home.

11:15- Holy crap it’s tip-off! I wonder if I should change the Harvard-New Mexico game…nah. What are the odds of an upset?

11:16- Should I change it though? Amaker is a good coach.

11:17- Nah, Harvard will destroy them.

11:30- Michigan St. is looking good. Real good, glad they’re in my final four.

11:51- This Butler game is closer than I’d like. I have those scrappy fuckers going deep.

11:55- What the shit Butler?!?!?!

11:56- ?!?!?!?!?!

11:59- Ok, I’ve calmed down. It’s tied and all will be ok.

12:45- No one can hit anything in this Pittsburgh-Wichita St. game, if both teams could lose I’d choose that option.

1:10- Alright St. Louis, you’re a trendy pick…don’t screw me over.

1.32- Well, touché St. Louis you look really good.


1:55- This Memphis-St. Mary’s game is too close for comfort…

1:58- 8 point run by Memphis, much better.

3:00- Memphis…if you fuck this up for me…

3:01- Whew. St. Mary’s played their ass of in the second half.

3:15- Just looking in on this Marquette-Davidson game and what the shit?!?!

3:16- Seriously Marquette!

3:50- Whoa Gonzaga, remember this is Southern now.


4:02- Looking like a genius right now with this Oregon over Oklahoma State pick though.

6:00- Just got this update….I really regret not having Louisville go further.

6:01- Marquette won? Thank you Vander Blue.

6:05- Holy shit…I’m perfect so far. Could this be the year? Could I win a million dollars for having a perfect bracket?!?!?!

.7:30- Well it would appear UNLV is not down with me and my perfect bracket.

8:40- Well UNLV, you seriously gonna do this to me?!?!

8:45- Come on Missouri!

9:00- Well screw you UNLV.

9:05- I can’t do this anymore. I need to go to sleep. Colorado St. will falter.

6:15 am- WHAT?!?! God damn it Missouri.

Well folks, here is a recap of the first day of the NCAA tourney. After my first 16 picks, I have correctly chosen 13 out of 16. Will my luck continue? Probably not, but a chocolate man can dream.

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