Thursday, March 28, 2013

Marriage Equality= More Wedding Cake For Everyone!

This is not going to be some long drawn out condemnation of those who disagree with me. This is just my humble opinion because I have read some things over the past few days that really made my heart hurt reading them. And the idea that something like this is still being discussed in 2013 while encouraging that we are going in the right direction, but also it’s sad as well that it has taken this long. I think what confuses me the most are the people who are up in arms over gay marriage are the same ones whowant the government out of their daily lives, except for when they disagree with something. Then constitutional bans are needed.

What I hate the most is what message is this sending to the youth. That it’s ok to exclude people just because they are different from you. I have friends and family members, smart, kind, and frankly better people than I who are gay. Are you telling me that just because I am attracted to someone of the opposite sex that I am somehow more worthy of marriage than they are? Nah. I don’t buy it.

So I guess the point is I support gay marriage. And even if you disagree with it, hopefully you won’t deny the happiness of two people that have nothing to do with your daily life.

Now everyone, enjoy this gif!

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