Monday, January 28, 2013

Mondays? Am I right?

In the words of one of my favorite wrestler’s, greetings and salutations all you ham sandwiches! The Chocolate Puma is here to give you what you all were secretly yearning for, the rambling and sometimes incoherent opinions of myself. Enjoy.

· Not a Celtics fan but believe that the Puma feels your pain of having an elite point guard go down with a torn acl. I will say that perhaps Doris Burke shouldn’t be breaking this kind of news to the Celtics players. Just saying.

"What'chu talkin' bout Doris Burke?"

· After hearing about Chris Brown fighting Frank Ocean over a parking spot I gotta ask what happened to the R&B singers? Back in my day you wouldn’t have Case jumping Donnell Jones over who got the last carton of milk that was on sale at the Sav-A-Lot. I guess I’m just an old man who reminisces over the good old days.

· The NCAA is run by the biggest group of clowns on the face of the planet. There I said it. First insinuating an investigation into Shabazz Muhammad because he had a Gucci bookbag. It’s not enough for them to profit into the 3 billion dollar range off the kids but now if they have some deemed “too nice” then you get investigated. Now word is that the investigation into the University of Miami was extremely flawed to say the least. The short tale is Nevin Shapiro currently in jail for a 20 year stretch due to his involvement in a Ponzi scheme (seems like a reliable guy) comes forward with all this information of impropriety in the Miami football program. How did the NCAA get information from Mr. Shapiro’s lawyer…who also happens to be employed by the NCAA. I get a little riled up at this so read this piece by Charles Pierce who does a much better job than I ever could.

· Keep doing stuff like this Lebron and I may not have such a strong dislike of you.

· Never change Marshall Henderson.

"No one on the promenade got swagger like me!".

· Alright, a little something that’s slight annoyance to me. I get people not liking someone but at least be accurate in the dislike. For instance, I see everywhere people calling Ray Lewis a murderer without doing the research into the case. Over simplifying and calling him a murderer complete disregards the fact that he testified against those with him that night, that Lewis was not the one charged with the crime, and by all accounts the prosecution bungled the case by not following the report given by the medical examiner. Not to mention there was no eye witness and no physical evidence tying him to the scene. But hey, whatever you wanna be out here spreading misinformation feel free.

Alright, the Puma is out, but not before sharing a picture of his newest niece again!
Probably thinking about how cool her uncle is.

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