Friday, January 18, 2013

Gun Control talk? More like the rise of the Third Reich am I right?

“I think Martin Luther King, Jr. would agree with me if he was alive today that if African Americans had been given the right to bear and keep arms from day one of our country’s founding perhaps slavery wouldn’t be a part of our history.”

These absolutely idiotic and moronic words were uttered by Larry Ward, an obviously “smart” man who has begun gun appreciation day because the government is coming to take all our guns. First you’re going to infer that one of the most famous victims of gun violence to say that slavery never would have existed if the chained people of Africa who were forcefully brought to another country against their will were given guns. Whatever drugs you’re on I would like some please because it causes really vivid hallucinations that make you forget history.

I’ve gotten off my original point, obviously if you legally have guns people are not going to pull up outside your house, kick the doors in, and pry the guns from your hands.
The government taking away your guns. Yoink!

But given gun violence in this country is it so bad to have a discussion on the subject? Are guns so sacred that they can’t even be possibly, maybe, perhaps talked about? I have seen numerous postings about “Chicago has gun laws and it’s still violent,” well you’re right. So maybe a damn discussion is warranted, see if there is an alternative solution that hasn’t been discussed. Yes, I know it’s crazy, getting people with differing points of views together to get their opinions out and maybe come to a compromise that best benefits the people of a society but hey my grandma always said I was a dreamer.

So remember, while your hero the Chocolate Puma doesn’t have the answer not doing anything at all or discussing the problem is not a suitable answer. That’s all I got, here's something ridiculous for your troubles.


jasdye said...

Such a crazy dreamer!

The Chocolate Puma said...

I know, I know, maybe one day I can be like Steve Doocy and be totally based in reality.