Thursday, June 28, 2012

10 Worst Draft Day Suits

I know what the people want and that's why I am here to give it to you. For weeks people having been hounding the Puma about the NBA draft, well wait no longer because the definitive list is complete and I am ready to share. Without further ado I present the ten worst draft day suits!

Honorable Mention:
Larry Johnson, SF, UNLV:
This is only an honorable mention as I don't know if this was for a post draft photo shoot or the actual draft day.Either way the '90s were a bad time.

10. Bobby Jackson, G, Minnesota
Not a completely terrible idea, execution was lacking however.

9. Maurice Taylor, PF, Michigan
Teal bruh? And with pinstripes? Wooo! Like I said earlier, the '90s were a rough time for us all.

8. Drew Gooden, PF, Kansas
They call you "The Goods." This sir is most certainly not good.

7. Peja Stojakovic, SF, Yugoslavia
"What is this velvet?" David Stern asked incredulously
Look closely at that suit. You'll understand why it is on this list.

6. Tim Thomas, SF, Villanova
A tailor can be your best friend Tim.

5. Glenn Robinson, SF, Purdue
What in the name of Dolemite Hell is this? He looks like he ought to be hustling someone in a pool hall.

4. Jalen Rose, PG, Michigan
This one hurts as I am a big fan of the Jalen Rose podcast and really think highly of his analysis of the NBA. But red pinstripes? This is not what the people want.

3. Erick Dampier, C, Mississippi St.
Speaking of red...

2. Karl Malone, PF, Louisiana Tech
 Not that big a fan of Malone as a person (see here) but he was without question a top 5 player during the 90s and arguably the best power forward of all time. What however can not be argued is the fact that he could get a big boy tie for his big mnoment.

1. Samaki Walker, PF,  Louisville
The undisputed champion of bad draft night suits is here. I don't know how to describe this except for to say Bishop Don Juan would be proud. This suit reminds me of something that the old wrestler The Godfather would wear. Don't know him, here he is:
Pimpin' ain't easy man!

Well folks glad I was able to satiate your need for random and somewhat pointless information. To my basketball geeks enjoy the draft and to the rest of you get on our level.

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