Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What a finals.

What an NBA Finals. And I know what you’re thinking, “how can I truly enjoy this without the Chocolate Puma’s opinion?” Well don’t you fret baby birds. The Puma is here to fulfill those needs!

First things first, I have given Lebron James hell over the past few seasons but even I have to stand up and applaud right now. He is balling his ass off. A triple double machine, he appears to have finally stopped listening to fans and has completely gone into F-U mode. Well done sir. And no need to worry fans or should I say fan of the Puma I will go back to hating as soon as the next point is made.

No one is as big a hater on the Miami Heat than I am but even I have to say I am impressed for two reasons. First, while we knew Lebron was going to do what he does, but Shane Battier? It’s like the 2006 version of Battier decided to show up for this one. Also Erik Spoelstra is actually outcoaching someone? Huh? What kind of bizarre universe is this?

 If the Thunder lose this series it won’t be on the back of the worst point guard in the world according to many. Russell Westbrook is a guy who showed the only person on the floor right now that can stop him is Russell Westbrook.

 Now James Harden on the other hand was shook. He looked more like John Starks last night than ever. The potential for a big night is there but in the moment he shrunk.
What? Me? Shoot? Nah. I'll just stand here though.

I’m gonna need Jon Barry and the ESPN crew to go away. We need the TNT crew with Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, and Kenny Smith. The best crew in sports today I would argue.

 I am actively rooting against the Miami Heat but for a different reason than most. Lebron and those guys have earned a ring but the constant complaining by “Heat fan” Lil’ Wayne has annoyed the shit out of me. He tries to go to a Thunder game and is told we don’t have any more courtside seats. Clearly because he’s black and didn’t show up the day of right? Oh he did show up the day of, then disregard. Then he complained once he got tickets he had to go out the entrance other fans do, not the player’s entrance so he could chill with the Heat. Well I declare I do believe I’ve caught the vapors from this injustice. Is this guy serious?
Any man that wears this can't complain about anything...ever.
    I hope you all realize the history being made in this Finals. If the Heat win, Eddy Curry will have a championship while Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, and Elgin Baylor didn’t. EDDY CURRY!
Yup...Eddy. Curry.

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