Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NBA Finals Preview

Wow NBA, what a job done these playoffs. Outside of Derrick Rose going down with the torn ACL and destroying my hopes and dreams of a Bulls championship this has been a very exciting playoffs. And to no one’s surprise the Thunder will be taking their game to South Beach to take on the hated Miami Heat. Everyone is out there choosing sides, so allow me to give my 100% biased opinion which will probably end with the Miami Heat losing in 6 games.
PG: Mario Chalmers vs. Russell Westbrook

Lawd do I even have to give you the edge on this one? This is gonna be a freaking massacre in my opinion.  Chalmers averaging 11.5, Westbrook is averaging 21.7. Westbrook also is a monster defensively.
Edge: OKC

SG: Dwayne Wade vs. Thabo Sefolohsa
I’m gonna give the edge to Wade on this one not surprising, but Wade has not played well this postseason. At times he has taken the first half off, Sefolosha is a very capable defender and should frustrate him enough.
Edge: Miami

SF: Lebron James vs Kevin Durant
Holy hell, if I hear one more person tell me James is a choke artist I am gonna need you to shut the hell up. And it pains me to say, I am as big a hater there is when it comes to the Heat. With Bosh injured, Wade not showing up, he has been a one man wrecking crew. Now the Durantula has been impressive as well and now appears to be playing a little better defense but right now Lebron is the best baller on the planet.

Edge: Miami

PF: Chris Bosh vs Serge Ibaka
Bosh is by far the superior offensive player but he is coming off a very annoying injury which usually lingers. Serge Ibaka is a young defensive beast, if he can kick in ten points off putbacks which is his usual, this could push the advantage over to the Thunder. Given that Bosh will have time to rest a bit from the injury I am going to call it even for now.
Edge: Draw

C: Ronny Turiaf vs Kendrick Perkins
Come on dawg. Perks in a landslide.
Edge: OKC

The Thunder boast a bench with 6th man of the year James Harden, playoff vet Derek Fisher, and hustle man Nick Collision. The Heat has Udonis Haslem, Norris Cole, Shane Battier and well a bunch of guys who won’t contribute. I mean they have Eddy Curry sitting on their bench.
Edge: OKC

Coaching: Erik Spoelstra vs Scott Brooks
Look at Miami when it comes time to draw up a final shot and you understand why I gotta give the edge to Brooks. Greg Popovich put a clown suit on Brooks the first two games of the Western Conference Finals, he adjusted and ended their 20 game win streak and sent the Spurs back to the Alamo.
Edge: OKC
That's right folks, I'm in the NBA Finals!

Overall this is going to be a great series, Lebron will answer the questions regarding his individual performance in big games but unfortunately for him his supporting cast doesn’t play as well. Oklahoma City will close this out in 6. Holy shit!  Just like I said up top. Let the reign of NostraThompson begin.

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