Friday, July 6, 2012

NBA Ranting and Ravings From a Lunatic

Well the NBA draft has come and gone and with it the time of free agency has descended upon us so I guess I’ll drop a blog post on you in the old rambling style. Here goes everything.

· There may be nothing in the world of sports that doesn’t occur on a field or court than I love more than the NBA draft. For one night all of these guys are on equal footing. Yet in a few short months we will see who will be all stars and who of course will be the dreaded Darko and Olowakandis of this draft.

· New Orleans came off like bandits in this draft. A potential defensive cornerstone in Anthony Davis, a dynamic slasher in Austin Rivers and if they match the offer sheet of Eric Gordon the Crescent city may finally have a team as dynamic as the city itself.

· Cleveland? The hell? Dion Waiters? Wow. You know the last player to be drafted before starting a game was Marvin Williams…so yeah that turned out well for the Hawks.

· I was shocked Perry Jones fell as far as he did. I don’t think this kid is going to be Kevin Durant Jr, but if he can get his mind into the game he can be a very valuable piece to a team.

· The Bulls drafted the backup point guard of the future. Not flashy, but solid.

· During last summer the overwhelming theme was the greedy players are ruining the game when really it was the lazy owners are overpaying players. Further proof that the lockout was for naught was when the Houston Rockets signed Omer Asik, a good defensive back up who averaged a whopping 3 points and 5 boards a game a contract for 3 year, 25 million dollar deal. 3 points…25 million dollars. Yeah. Way to go owners.
"They offered me how much?"
· Also Jeremy Lin getting signed to an offer of 28 million dollars is ridiculous. I don’t blame him for signing but word? That kind of deal to a guy who played in 35 games last year? Get your money Lin but owners…yeah
· The Bulls should tank this season. Let’s be honest we won’t win with the current roster and no D-Rose. Start Teague; get him some experience to be the 2nd unit guy we need in the 2013 season. That’s right I also suggest sitting Rose all of next season. No need to rush him back and have a Penny Hardaway situation. Then maybe, just maybe we get lucky and San Antonio Spur this thing. You know when David Robinson got hurt, they sucked for a year, got the number one pick, draft Tim Duncan and 2 years later they were champs.

· I don’t claim to know anything about Damien Lillard, but that was the worst suit of the 2012 draft. Congrats young man!
"My mom chose this for me..."

· The 76ers are gonna have an exciting team next year, signed the highly entertaining Nick “Swaggy P” Young along with the addition of dynamic young guys Arnett Moultrie and Moe Harkless. They won’t win, but they’ll be exciting to watch.
"Somebody get young swaggalicious a cheese steak."

Well that’s all I have for now. So I’ll end with this.

The fuck…

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