Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Vogue is racist?

Above is the latest issue of Vogue. And if you allow some of the talking heads on tv to explain it, it's more like this:
Now I as a black man in his 20s and having grown up in the south I have heard all of the negative stereotypes associated with black men and white women. The brutish almost animal like man ravaging a helpless white woman was and still remains one of the most prominent stereotypes in American culture, but this magazine cover is not it. You want to know what this magazine cover's a basketball player with his arm around an attractive woman. The end. This whole Lebron should be more careful with how he is portrayed in the media nonsense should stop right now. The only reason we know who Lebron is because he plays basketball and to say that he needs to be in every publication dressed as though he was a preppy suburbanite so he doesn't fall into the stereotype of a "dangerous thug" is just ridiculous. Would this be a big deal if say Dirk Nowitzki was on the cover? No. This is another example of our "black leaders" choosing to take the simplest thing and blow it out of proportion. How about this, we try and find out who killed Jamiel Shaw II, an intelligent young man who was killed in Los Angeles simply so some young punk could prove he was "a man." This kind of crap is what should outrage our leaders, not when Lebron is portrayed as a big angry basketball player. The man is 6'8 and weighs damn near 270 pounds, it's kind of hard to look any other way.

There you have it, my two cents. This is the biggest non story of the year. Go read a book.

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