Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Get off Matt Leinhart

To those who do not know, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinhart is now embroiled in a controversy. Now before we jump the gun and assume it's the tale of another spoiled athlete out and about in night clubs and strip clubs causing problems, Matt Leinhart was at home. Photos have been leaked to a gossip website that show Leinhart at his home partying with a bevy of beauties, doing beer bongs and chilling in the hot tub. Well, alert the FBI, a young rich man who is single and living the life of a starting quarterback in the NFL is throwing a celebrity filled party with alcohol and young women. Here are the "oh so bad" images courtesy of

Look, this is another example of things being blown out of proportion. There were no underaged girls there, no one was held against their will here, this was a bunch of rich young people having a party. Hell, if people brought cameras to parties that the average 20 something attends you might see some of the same behavior exhibited in these photographs. Just because he makes millions for playing a game, doesn't mean he has to be perfect, he doesn't have to be a moral superstar, he just has to be human. And any human in that position, would be doing the same thing. Having a good time.

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