Monday, July 31, 2017

July's If You Don't Sit Yo Ass Down Award!

It’s been a while since we last came together here at my palace of petty. Something that I’m sure no new parent has heard ever, babies are exhausting. But I would never let a full month go by without giving you a very petty and possibly wildly fuego take on whom among us needs to have a seat. And boy let me tell you there has been no shortage of people who could use a seat, so without further ado I give the winner of July’s If You Don’t Sit Your Ass Down award…

Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti, get your ass up here so you can sit your ass down! 
Now why would I be telling a well-respected business man to sit his ass down? Well I am glad you asked! You use his is a part of a bigger problem in the NFL, he is a part of owners’ cowardly black balling of Colin Kaepernick. And make no mistake about it, this is a black balling. We’ve heard all along that “oh this based on talent” and oh this based on past performances.” Well if that was the case why would Steve Bisciotti and team president David Cass go to Ray Lewis and sponsors, not a QB evaluator or coach on whether or not they should sign Kaepernick? 

They’re even taking fan polls. I’m sorry but that’s the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard. Especially given that this fan base has supported a domestic abuser and most notably Ray Lewis.
You know the same Ray Lewis who was charged with obstruction of justice in a murder trial? The same Ray Lewis they’re running to for advice. Are you kidding me?! 

So, when the talk about fit and people’s talent dictating the market, I call bullshit. 
"Hello darkness my old friend."- Ryan Mallett
Because especially in the case of the Ravens, you mean to tell me that Ryan Mallett (career passer rating 64.9), Dustin Vaughn (career passer rating 0.0) and Josh Woodrum (Career passer rating 0.0) are all better choices to bring in than Kaepernick (Career passer rating 88.9)?  That alone shows this is not and has not ever been about talent and who can help someone win. 

Whether you agree with his protest or not, you have to admit he was not disruptive or disrespectful. He took a knee off to the side and that was that. 
If you're mad about the players and not the flag holder checking his dms, you're an asshole.
Something tells me if you had a problem with it, you really would have a problem with the NFL charging the military 5.5 million dollars for tributes to troops in 2015. No? Hadn’t heard a single peep calling owners and league execs un-patriotic. 

So for this one Bisciotti you get the coveted “If You Don’t Sit Your Ass Down award!” Now grow a spine and help your damn team.

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