Wednesday, June 21, 2017

June's If You Don't Sit Yo Ass Down Award!

Ah another month so it’s time for my ongoing series in which I unleash a rant directed at someone who should probably sit they ass down and shut the hell up. Today I want to present this June’s If You Don’t Sit Yo Ass Down Award to…
Bill Cosby!
That's right it's your turn to have a seat in the judgement chamber of the Chocolate Puma you hypocritical milky eyed bastard. In case you've been living under a rock, Ol' Uncle Pudding Pop here for decades (allegedly) popped drugs into unsuspecting women's drinks for years and sexually assaulted them. Well when finally seeing his day in court Ol' Billy Qualudes over here decides that this is all a conspiracy of the man.

Now maybe it's not Billy saying it but his defenders have pulled every possible excuse out the book for this guy. "He was about to buy NBC!" Yeah he asked about it in 1992 and the network wasn't for sale. Another favorite is that this is all to bring him down for uplifting black people! Well this is literally the worst plan in history to bring anyone down. I can see it now, a cabal of hooded figures around a table discussing their plans.
"See what we will do is give him a movie and stand up career."
"Yes? Then we bring him down?"
"No. then we give him an influential tv show and prop him up as a paragon of moral virtues!"
"Then we bring him down!"
"Not quite. Then we wait until he has fallen from the public eye and known more for his ridiculous sweaters."
"Then we bring him down?"
"It's the perfect plan."

That's pretty damn ridiculous! And if there is this mystical figure trying to bring down positive black men, why did they choose this old cornball? LeBron James, Barack Obama, Denzel Washington, Ken Griffey, Jr., Gerald from Hey Arnold!, not a single accusation among all of em.
The walk of a man with no accusations.
What annoys me the most about Bill Cosby, beside the (alleged) sexual assaults of course, is that for years he walked around looking down on black and brown folk. People remember the infamous "Pound Cake" speech he gave but let's not act like that was a new position for him. For him to be that guy but also a guy who put himself the height of morality is just sickening. In the best case scenario, 50+ women are lying and he just cheated on his wife for over 3 decades. THIS IS NOT A GOOD PERSON.

So I could care less if you have a TV show I liked, you ain't my daddy and your old hypocritical ass should be in jail. So with that said get someone to pull your blind ass a chair up and have a seat. 

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