Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May's If You Don't Sit Your Ass Down Award

Ah yes it's that wonderful time of the month when I sit down and in a petty sense of rage I tell people to have a few seats in a very polite manner I think. Well this month...will be no different. As 2017 rolls along there has been no shortage of people who can probably stand to have a few seats. It's in this spirit that for the first time ever I give you the "If You Don't Sit Your Ass Down" speed round!

First up o grab a seat...Charles Barkley! That's right the round mound of rebound has drawn my ire. No not for his work on Inside the NBA, no this time I'm annoyed and disgusted that he is being given a platform to spew his lets call it nuanced opinions on race relations.
Yes TNT thought it was a great idea to give the guy who once dunked on an Ethiopian basketball player and then called him a "spear chucker" a show meant to heal the racial divide in this country. Seriously, watch the clip of him interaction with the woman who's son was beaten to death by Baltimore PD and just wow Chuck. Stick to getting owned by Shaq and Kenny about not having any championships my man.

Next up! If being a condescending jack ass was an Olympic sport then this gentleman would be a gold medalist. Jason Whitlock...come on down!
Yes the esteemed former ESPN "star" has ling drawn my ire. But with his latest vendetta against Colin Kaepernick he's gone from annoying blowhard to to unbearable jack ass. For many years he has longed to be seen as a member of the black intelligentsia and lashing out at anyone who is seem as smarter than him. From Bomani Jones (who has never said anything but positive things about him) to Ta-Nahesi Coates, if you're seen as smarter than this gaseous vessel of idiocy then you immediately become one of the liberal lefties who has "fallen for the okey-doke." With the Kaepernick situation he has called him all kinds of sheep, and accuses him of not having anything to protest because the NFL has made black men rich. Let us not also forget that as a man in the year of our Lord 2017 he had the nerve to criticize how Ciara was dressed and bloviated how Serena Williams was out of shape. He has long needed to grab a seat.

And finally on this list is Karl Malone.
Why Karl Malone? Because it's Team Fuck Karl Malone forever around these parts

Well folks that's my time you've been great!

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