Thursday, September 15, 2016

Random Thoughts by the Puma of Chocolate Descent

The world has not ceased being a flaming garbage pile in recent weeks so young Puma has decided to hit you with just a few random thoughts that have inhabited my mind since the last time we last met through the wonderful medium of blogging.  

*I’ve debated writing on the subject of Colin Kaepernick and his decision to protest by sitting or kneeling through the national anthem. And after weeks of hot takes and ridiculous memes I guess I’ll have to throw my takes in as well.  If you want to stand and salute during the national anthem, go for it. As for me, I have not a single problem with Kap deciding to make a statement and sitting.
First of all, to the people who ask “what is he doing to make it better?”

Well I must ask you, have you tried listening to the man? Because he’s been pretty damn clear on what he is personally doing.  Oh you hadn’t heard? Well why don’t you have a look. It also seems weird that people think he is doing this for attention. Seriously scroll his mentions right now and ask yourself who would willingly welcome that kind of attention. There are easier ways to get just random attention. Isn’t Taylor Swift single? Date her and have an entire album written about you.

*Another thing I'm confused with the NFL is the message they are sending.
This is worth a fine? Really?
All I have heard in regards to Kap is how he should be quiet and happy he is paid handsomely to play a game. Then you get a guy like Antonio Brown who is happy to play a game, scores a touch down and celebrates, then gets fined. Pick a side guys. 

*After reading some of the leaked emails from Colin Powell I realize I have a lot in common with the four star general. We are both tremendous talkers of shit and young Puma tips his cap to him.
Next stop: The Playa Hater's Ball!
*The NFL season has begun anew and while I love the Bears and the sport in general it's admittedly getting harder to watch. Not because "guys were tougher" in my day kind of reason. Knowing what we know about CTE and it's effect on the brain seeing a game like last week's Carolina-Denver match up where Cam Newton took numerous blows to the head was quite unsettling.

*Chance the Rapper is close to taking a spot in my heart usually reserved for the best of the best.
Not only is his music dope (Although I prefer Acid Rap to Coloring Book, don't fight me) he currently is planning to register people to vote at his concerts. Add that to the fact he is buying tickets from scalpers to ensure no one coming to a show of his is price gouged he is a young guy you definitely have to respect.

*In part 3,625 of my ongoing list of why the NCAA is trash. Charleston Southern recently suspended 32 players. Why you may ask? Because they used leftover money from from their book allowance to buy school supplies. That's right, school supplies. After being advised to use the money or lose it the kids bought things out of the bookstore and they get punished? So they get paid in education but when they buy things to help with said education they get punished? Meanwhile the head coach makes over 6 figures. Good job NCAA.

Well that's all I got for now. I'm gonna go eat some buffalo wings with my wife. Ya'll be easy. 

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