Thursday, August 11, 2016

Summer Nights Playlist...As Presented by The Puma of Chocolate Persuasion

In my continuing effort to siphon off any residual cool which is constantly being emitted from our current president Barack Obama, I too have decided to make a summer time playlist of music that I, think that you all should be listening to. Because I last looked at his night time list and let's be honest it's more fun to compile a list of slow jams for a fella like myself, I’ll give you some of the best slow jams to play during your summer nights.  

1. Good Times- Sam Cooke
A little uptempo beginning to the evening. Also fun fact, young Puma danced to this at his wedding.

2. Be Here- Raphael Saadiq
If I was going to cheat this entire album could have been this summer night list. Instant Vintage is to me a perfect album from top to bottom. This juts happens to be the smoothest of the tracks.
3. Pretty Wings- Maxwell
This had to be added I mean the name of the album is BLACKsummersnight. This song is classic Maxwell smoothness and a perfect accompaniment to the vibe of a slow jam compilation.

4. Beauty- Dru Hill

Ah yes, the shy guy anthem from high school. Quite smooth.

5. Cupid- 112 

Possibly my favorite of this group's pretty good streak in the early aughts. 
6. Never Gonna Give You Up- The Black Keys

 Shout out to the homie Wee Man for introducing the Black Keys into my life with this jam.
7. Moneygrabber- Fitz and the Tantrums

8. Hey Lover- L.L. Cool J

9. Blame It On The Boogie- The Jacksons

10. Sun Comes Up- John Legend

11. The Panties- Mos Def

12. Break You Off- The Roots
I have seen the Roots about 15 times and I lose my shit whenever this is played. Maybe not the summer night mood you're going for a but a brother can't help himself.

13. In The Mood- Talib Kweli

14. Love Language- Reflection Eternal

15. Like A Star- Corrine Bailey Rae

Well there you have it, my list biting Obama's list. Its cool if you think my list is better.

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