Wednesday, July 6, 2016

On Kevin Durant and the Free Agency Boom

NBA free agency is in full swing and players are getting more money than ever before. In the midst of this Kevin Durant decided to (take less money and) sign with the Golden State Warriors and people’s reaction to his move has revealed something to me Many of the people who are mad at Kevin Durant are suckers. That’s right; most of the people mad at Kevin Durant are suckers. If that happens to be you I hate to be the one to break the news to you but the first step in correcting this suckerific behavior is admitting you have a problem. 

There have been so many people railing against the NBA because well “hockey and football are way more dangerous and that’s why they should get more.” 
I wish my player's union negotiated a fairer deal...
Ok...well why don’t those players take this up with their respective players unions.  The reason that the player’s contracts are spiking to such a degree is that the NBA owners are receiving 24 billion dollars from ESPN and TNT. Given that no one goes to games to see the owners then logically shouldn’t the working force of the NBA get rewarded as well?The player's union recognized this and argued for this, thus hey are getting their reward.

But the main point of this is regarding the man who refers to himself as “The Servant” but I refer to him as "The Durantula." Many are railing against his move to the rival Warriors as if he owed the Thunder something. I’m sorry did he fulfill his contractual obligations? Did he listen to offers as is his negotiated right that the owners agreed to? Did he make a personal decision to change where he worked? Then what’s the problem? 
Burning his jersey? Now why would he ever leave this heavenly paradise?
And I understand if you are a fan of the Thunder and are disappointed, you can be disappointed, but don’t act like you own the man and he hasn’t help put your team on the map.

If the argument is guys in this generation would rather team up, my reply is when haven’t great players tried to team up? The only difference is that now players have more control over their career than they ever have before. To us, this is a game but to these athletes this is their job, their profession, their career. And if after fulfilling you obligation to your employer you feel it’s better to go and try to achieve the ultimate goal of winning the championship elsewhere then more power to you. 

Older players are also annoying the hell out of me on this one. Guys like Charles Barkley saying it's weak to go to another team and he 's "cheating to win a title." Was it cheating when you demanded trades twice in your career to better teams?
I would never join a loaded team!
"The best thing about it would be getting the chance to play with Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler. We would be very formidable." Comes off a touch hypocritical for now it to be a problem when you're not the one chasing the title. 

We're not seeing anything now that hasn't happened before, the only difference is players have more control over their career. Now if you're mad for reasons other than your team losing a player, what are you really mad at?

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