Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Imitiation of Black

This is the weirdest damn story I’ve ever seen. In America we have a white woman pretending to be black. I mean that alone is just damn hilarious. 
"I'm black y'all, and I'm black y'all and I'm blackety black and I'm black y'all"
However the further down the rabbit hole we all fall with Rachel Dolezal the more insulted we should all feel. Now don’t get me wrong, I got my jokes off on this subject, and I definitely will continue to make jokes about this lady for one reason, she is not someone to be taken seriously. Why go through all of this when you could have made a bigger impact just being yourself. I’m gonna break down why this clown isn’t going to be getting the benefit of the doubt from this guy.

“She’s done more for the community than most so why not?”
What has she done? Other than be named the Spokane chapter president of the NAACP I have yet to hear what she has done that would make me look at her as something other than a sociopath. What I have heard is her question her own student’s race, provide road blocks for white speakers who actually want to help and constantly gave tips on what black people should do.
What a hero!
1That doesn’t sound like someone worthy of getting the benefit of the doubt. Hell she sued Howard University claiming she was discriminated against because she white, now I’m to believe she’s the world’s greatest champion of civil rights? 
“Well if Bruce Jenner can become Caitlin Jenner then why can’t she be black?”
Chocolate Puma here, if you use this line of thinking I hate to be the one to break it to you but your transophobia is showing. When a transgender makes a transition it them becoming their true self, what she did was a perverse form of racial tourism. Whereas she can get the props she wants in the black community but at any point she can tap out and just lay off the bronzer. That’s definitely not a courageous act.

“Well if black women can have blonde hair then how come she can’t be black?”
If this ain't the dumbest...
I don’t even know where to begin with this idiocy. So let me get this straight, every black woman has to have the exact same hair color/style in order for anyone to be upset at this Kirk Lazarus wannabe? Nah son, that don’t compute.

What upset me the most is that this woman faked hate crimes. She took the time to come up with hate mail and pass it off as a credible threat against herself and her organization.There are black women activists out there who regularly receive threats and this is just a slap in the face to the very real danger that they face. IF she did any good in this world, and that' a big if at this point all of that is negated because she showed no respect for the very real danger that black women face.

Sounds like somebody who should totally get the benefit.

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