Monday, August 19, 2013

Wide Receiver Rankings of the Puma

In an ongoing expose of epic proportions the Chocolate Puma has taken the time to answer the question you didn't ask and give you his predictions of who to target for your fantasy football drafts. You're welcome.

5. Julio Jones: Atlanta
Let's justify the high price in auction leagues!
Last season he had 1,200 yards and 10 touchdowns and that was as the second option. I expect this season for those numbers to be somewhere around that range with Roddy White, Tony Gonzalez and the newly signed Stephen Jackson. Certainly looks like a good decision to part with all those draft picks to get this now.

4. A.J. Green: Cincinnati

Much like in college AJ Green and Julio Jones are near the top of the heap at their position. I expect Green to be a fantasy monster as there really isn't a clear second receiver in the Bengals lineup although tight end Jermaine Gresham and rookie Tyler Eifert will dip into his numbers I doubt it's enough to put a dent into his fantasy numbers. 

3. Dez Bryant: Dallas
A beast on the field, Dez Bryant will catch anything you throw his way and he'll do it with a broken finger as he did much of last season. Tony Romo's number one target will completely eviscerated opposing defenses in the second half of the season and I certainly expect that to continue. He had seven straight games with a touchdown and in three of those he had multiple trips to the endzone. 

2. Brandon Marshall: Chicago
We are not worthy.
Now this entry makes me happy as hell to write. As a Bears fan we haven't had much to gush over offensively for a few decades (where have you gone Curtis Conway?!) Marshall didn't burst on the scene as he has been doing this for years but last year ghe seemingly took it up a notch as the Bears primary receiver  consistently beating double teams or out muscling the competition. Alshon Jeffrey should be improved, Earl Bennett is a good slot guy but those guys aren't taking targets from Marshall anytime soon. Expect mega numbers again son!

1. Calvin Johnson: Detroit
Refer to last year's scouting report:
"Because he's fucking Megatron."

There you have it folks. The Puma is out!

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