Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Running Backs To Hitch your Wagon To

You thought I was gonna stop with quarterbacks? Child please! We move on to the running backs suckas!

5. Matt Forte: Chicago
Alright this may be a homer pick but I don't care. Matt Forte is one of the top backs in the league and I will fight anyone who disagrees with me (not really, ya'll know I'm just playing.) He is a phenomenal reciever in the backfield, and with Marc Trestman calling plays running backs generally get plenty of opportunities to get receptions out the backfield.
Jazz hands!

4.  Jamaal Charles: Kansas City

I have him this low for two reasons really. One he seems to be kind of injury prone during the preseason, so if he can make it out with no major season threatening injuries I expect this burner to continue his trend of averaging 5 yards a carry. The second reason is this man.
"Averaging 5 yards a carry? Better dial up 15 straight passing plays."
Yes Andy Reid. While he is a completely solid coach he has a tendency to begin calling a lot of passing plays and very few running plays. So his production may dip a bit in that category.

3. CJ Spiller: Buffalo

This guy through no fault of his own is just a burden to have on your fantasy football team. Not because he fumbles or doesn't produce, it's because THEY REFUSE TO GIVE HIM THE DAMN BALL. The guy is electric. Speed, elusiveness, durable, the kid has it all. And if you're in a deep league that scores special team points he contributes in that capacity as well.

2. Marshawn Lynch: Seattle
Expect big numbers from Beast Mode with the injury to Percy Harvin, and the overall brittle nature of Sidney Rice over the past few seasons I think a running back who is durable and a big play machine who is a grown ass man will be the best friend of Russell Wilson.

And now number one...
1. Adrian Peterson: Minnesota


There you go gang, these are the five guys you should target in all your fantasy football drafts.

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