Thursday, August 9, 2012

Have Some Ridiculous Ranting

I don’t really have any one topic that I am so incensed about that a blog post is going to roll out of me. I do however have a lot of mundane opinions about things that people did not ask to hear.  You’re welcome.
I hate election season. I hate it with the white hot fire of a million suns. What I dislike the most is how the candidates, no matter the office, no matter the party, this idea of everyone trying to be seen as just someone you’d want to drink with. Let me be clear, I do not want to vote for someone I drink with. Because the people I drink with we don’t come up with ideas to save a nation, we discuss whether passing tankers are filled with nacho cheese.

  The Olympics have totally consumed me. Gabby Douglas winning was huge, seeing Phelps top his career was great but for me the Olympics is all about the track and field events and boy did they not disappoint. Specifically the entire field of the men’s 100 meter final. I mean Tyson Gay ran a 9.8 and he finished 4th. Historically 82 men have run worse than that and won. He finished 4th. This was the greatest 100 meter field ever.

Well damn France.
Au Revoir bitch!

 The dopeness of this kr3w watch cannot even be expressed through words.   

 Randy Travis got what is basically the unicorn of all DUIs. Yes the naked, crashed in a tree kind. Somehow I bet this is still hip-hop’s fault.

So excited for the start of the NFL season. The Bears are in a stacked division but I believe in our team finishing 16-0. I never said I was logical when it came to the Bears. In all honesty I see Cutler making that step to the next level with weapons that finally match his skill set. Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey, Earl Bennett joining a talented backfield with (a happy) Matt Forte and Michael Bush should lead to a sight we're not used to in the city of wind.
A smiling Jay Cutler!


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