Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Weekly Heisman Rankings

Like sand through an hour glass these are the insane ramblings of the Chocolate Puma.

3. Andrew Luck: QB- Stanford

Season Stats: 241-of-343 passing for 2,937 yards, 31 TDs and eight INTs; 39 rushes for 133 yards and two TDs; one reception for 13 yards

My how the mighty have fallen, the presumptive winner has struggled in a thorough beat down by Oregon and a win against Cal. Hasn’t been awful by any means but has not been as dominant as you would expect from a Heisman winner.

2. Trent Richardson: RB- Alabama

Season Stats: 236 rushes for 1,380 yards and 20 TDs; 26 receptions for 322 yards and two TDs; three kick returns for 66 yards

Had a really good game but wasn’t exactly going against the Steel Curtain in Georgia Southern. He did what he had to do to stay in the second position, but we will see how he does this week in the Iron Bowl.

Drum roll please...

1.Robert Griffin III: QB- Baylor
Season Stats: 245-of-336 passing for 3,572 yards, 33 TDs and five INTs; 135 rushes for 550 yards and five TDs; one reception for 15 yards

Boy does it make me happy to put RG III back up top. With a Heisman worthy performance against Oklahoma the electric Griffin threw for 479 yards, rushed for 72 and had 4 touchdown passes including an amazing final drive to give Baylor the 45-38 victory. Amazing game from the most electric player in all of college football.

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