Friday, November 4, 2011

Weekly Heisman Rankings

Well folks it’s that time again, the Chocolate Puma’s weekly prognostication of this year’s Heisman race. Enjoy.

3. Robert Griffin III: QB- Baylor

Season Stats: 175-of-232 passing for 2,375 yards, 23 TDs and four INTs; 88 rushes for 322 yards and three TDs; one reception for 15 yards.
RG3 had a chance to impress a lot of voters against Oklahoma State and while he can’t be blamed for the loss as the defense gave up 59 points, there were stretches where he had no impact on the game whatsoever.

2. Trent Richardson: RB- Alabama

Season Stats: 149 rushes for 1,016 yards and 17 TDs; 18 receptions for 212 yards and one TD; two kick returns for 43 yards.
Richardson didn’t play, therefore didn’t hurt his chances. A game against LSU could make or break his Heisman hopes.

1. Andrew Luck: QB- Stanford

Season Stats: 174-of-242 passing for 2,218 yards, 23 TDs and four INTs; 25 rushes for 144 yards and two TDs; one reception for 13 yards
His pick 6 almost sent him spiraling in the rankings but the consensus future number one pick composed himself and eventually led his team to an overtime victory over rival USC.

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