Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Post Dedicated to the Woman I Freaked Out

A popular theme of this blog has been my inability to meet and successfully date a woman who is of the sane persuasion. From a girl who brought her mother along on the date to the one where her child showed up in the middle of the date (According to my good friend Cooper if I date a grandmother next I get a generations badge,) each date has been crazier than the one that preceded it. A week ago however I got to see how the other side lives, as I was the crazy one. Yes somewhere in the interwebs there is a veiled tweet or blog post about a woman’s interaction with me.

Now let me clarify, I didn’t go on a date with this girl but we had quite the el ride home together. Let me paint a picture for you. Usually during my hour or so train ride home I am usually lost in whatever music I have newly added to the ipod or have my head stuck in a book. This day happened to be a delightful combination of the two. As I listened to the soothing music of John Coltrane and poured over a book about the infamous Black Dahlia case I happened to look up and notice the train had stopped moving and sat between two stations. I pulled my headphones off and tried to see if there was an announcement being made but alas there was nothing being announced.

I looked to my left and beside me sat a very attractive young lady. She appeared to be about 25 or so, wore a very professional blouse and skirt combo and had her hair pulled up in a manner that says “Hey! I’m professional.” We began to chat about the crappy service of the CTA and shared a laugh when we happened to see the conductor walk along the side of the train past our car. She looked down and with a inquisitive look asked what I was reading.

Here is where the story begins to take a turn toward creepy town. I have long been a fan of the history of crimes such as assassination theories etc. Ask me to see Avatar I may slap you, but tell me there’s a cold case files marathon on, sign me up. A marathon of snapped? Son of a bitch I’m on it. So given my perverse fascination I get a little too into books on the topic. Below is a word for word transcript:
Pretty Lady: What are you reading?
Me: A book on the Black Dahlia case, it's really interesting.
Pretty Lady: The Black Dahlia? I'm not familiar.
Me: Well, it's about a young woman who moved to a LA and is murdered (insert me going into nerd mode and giving details)
Pretty Lady: ....
Me: Too much? Damn it.

So to the young woman who I freaked out I am sorry. Just understand, I really was into that book and my exuberance was just a bit too much given the subject matter. I promise I’ll be normal next time you see me.

Unless you mention clowns…I fucking hate clowns.

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