Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A friendly rant

•Lebron just doesn’t know when to stop. Recently when asked if he felt race was a factor in his sudden fall from grace, and he said he believed it was definitely a factor. I agree that maybe some people used race as a reason to dislike him, I say it was because he handled it in the worst possible manner . I mean having a 30 minute special to say what he could have said in 1 minute? How did you think people were going to react.

•Also on the sports side I must comment on the state of affairs with the Bears. I bragged during a 3-0 start so I must comment after a loss. The defense and special teams play give me hope going forward. Urlacher, Briggs, and Tinoisamoa were quick to the ball, And Tim Jennings has has been a revelation as he has usurped Zachary Bowman’s starting corner spot. That said though, the offensive line play was atrocious. Cutler has to get rid of the ball quicker when he gets the time, but those plays were few and far between . Martz has to adjust at the half for that pass rush, 9 sacks and still calling 7 step drops is not gonna work. That said 3-1 at this point is amazing. We have a weak schedule ahead of us until we get back to division play. I’m optimistic for the rest of the season.

•I’m not the biggest fan of the NCAA right now. A few weeks ago AJ Green, a receiver for the Georgia Bulldogs was suspended for selling his jersey. A jersey that wasn’t going to get worn again. Yet the university is allowed to sell the jersey in an array of colors and sizes for up to 80 bucks a pop. Anybody else see the unfairness? These young men are the reason the sport is successful, have no time to get a job due to the competitive nature of high level athletics, yet the tired argument of “an education is their payment” reigns supreme. If you think that a at the most 30k a year education is equal compensation for an industry worth billions, you are insane.

•So Lil’ Wayne gets solitary confinement for having an mp3 player but Lindsay Lohan drives drunk and then violates parole and they can’t keep her in prison. Does this seem unfair to anyone else?

•Rick Sanchez….really?

•The John Legend and the Roots collaboration “Wake Up” is just another jewel in this crown that has been R&B and Hip Hop albums this year. Much better year than last year.

•I’ll end another rant by saying this, Brett Favre can still go suck it.

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