Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Ten Hottest MC's

While I don’t go to MTV for my definitive lists on music since they stopped playing music around the time Bill Clinton was busy in the Oval Office with his cigars. Earlier today while checking my random form of social media in which I am pretty much addicted to I stumbled across both the lists from MTV and BET declaring who are the ten hottest rappers in the hip hop game right now and uh…wow. I’ll say this, the words Waka Flocka, hot, and top ten should never be mentioned together. MTV pleads their case saying that you can’t deny his popularity. No you can’t. You know what else is popular? Heroin, doesn’t make it good. So in response I have decided to give you my top ten (in no particular order) as of right now excluding Jay-Z because everyone knows how big a fan of the Jigga Man I am.

10. Mos Def, 9. Eminem, 8. Black Thought:
Mos’ album the Eclectic was a return to form for the fans of Mos since the Rawkus all-Stars mixtape days. Eminem’s Recovery gave us two of the most infectious singles of the year in Not Afraid and Love the way you lie, and Black Thought? He’s just a lyrical monster who is constantly underrated.

7. Drake:
Say what you will about Drizzy, but he had the hip-hop world on his head since his decision to keep putting out mixtapes rather than signing a label deal and even realing a top ten hit off his mixtape. What I love most is that he remains who he is, somewhat of a ladies man and rapping about something believable.

6. Wale:
Disgustingly underrated, while Waka mocks those who take time with their lyrics, Wale makes numerous sports references and raps about what he loves such as women and sneakers. His metaphors are on point and beats are sick and catchy.

5. Kid Cudi:
The most ambitious debut album I have seen in a while. If all you know is Day and Night I suggest giving the album a listen from the first track to the end you hear a story which I believe is his intention. Very few people do that now a days so hopefully his next album keeps the content and tweaks the concept.

4. Common:
Do I even need to explain why Common Sense is on this list?

3. Fabolous:
Fab is a lyrical monster on mixtapes, freestyles and his albums have commercial success to a certain extent.

2. Jay Electronica:
Listen to Exhibit C. Now. Go do it.

1a. Andre 3000
1b. Big Boi
Not Outkast, I am including these guys as solo artists for the purpose of this list. Big Boi is so unappreciated due partly because of his preference to stick to a more traditional hip-hop style where as 3 Stacks explores all musical genres. Not an insult as Big Boi is consistently stealing scenes on guest appearances and his solo debut ‘Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The son of Chico Dusty.’ Andre 3000 hasn’t released a solo album but it doesn’t mean he has been idle. I point to his opening verse on the amazing International Player’s Anthem by UGK. Case closed as to why he is on the list.

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