Friday, May 14, 2010

Rambling Post # 3,475

•Well elephant in the room, Lebron and the Cavs are going home. I think I’d first like to say where the hell are all the Bulls “fans” I saw rooting for the Cavs? The same ones who rooted for the Lakers last year….and the Celtics the year before that? Who’s the next bandwagon to hop on?

•That said, this loss is not all on Lebron. He had a damn triple double. His supporting cast played terrible. Period. Now with that said, Lebron can’t have 9 turnovers in an elimination game. Not if he is the heir to the best player alive throne. Great job by the Celtics defense.

•What the hell is going on with Arizona? A ban on ethnic studies? How is teaching about the culture of others a bad thing? I understand if it teaches that one race or culture is better but personally that’s not an indictment against ethnic studies but the curriculum of that course. Revise it, let students learn about those we share the world with and stop trying to avoid talking about uncomfortable topics.

•So long Law & Order. You filled my need for formulaic justice doled out in just under an hour until CSI or Criminal Minds came along. I especially thank you for the “dun dun” between scenes.

•So Obama was picking up some buffalo wings during a trip to Buffalo. A woman referred to him as “a hottie with a smoking little body.” This woman has had her name drug through the mud and called a tramp. I call her an opportunist. She saw an opening for a funny statement and she took it. I applaud you lady.

•I had a conversation with someone the other day and she said that Treme, the new series from David Simon, was boring. She much prefers the “realness of Basketball wives.” Uh, if you prefer Basketball Wives or Ex-Cheerleaders, Strippers and Jump-offs as I like to call it over well any show really, you should have your tv privledges revokes.

I'll leave you with a hillarious poem by one Dave Chappelle that I think sums up my feelings on the TV show Punk'd.

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