Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tiger Woods is super hero good.

This is Tiger Woods. Now he recently won the US Open. Now that is impressive in it's own right, but Tiger did this on basically one leg because he had surgery on his knee and was not fully healed yet. He even said he was at about 75-80%. This should have given the 80+ other golfers in this tournament a perfect chance to dethrone the king of golf right? Wrong. Tiger beat the majority of the golfers during the first four rounds and dispatched of Rocco Mediate on monday. So let me get this straight, on one leg and having not practiced regularly for over eight weeks and he is still the best golfer in the world? Now that is just sick. He is so good that he only plays in a little over a third of the tournaments held by the USGA and he still wins half the tourneys he enters. Ridiculous.

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