Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lay off Kobe

I got into an argument with a friend the other day about Kobe. Now if someone doesn't like a player for a reason, that's fine, but this person gave the most ridiculous reason I have ever heard. "Because he was accused of rape." Really? Kobe was acquitted of all charges after the young woman in question was found to be lying. Was Kobe wrong to cheat on his wife? Yes, that is not the question. But should he be called a rapist and be bombarded with details from the case he was cleared from four years after the case was settled? No. Here are the facts:
* She was seen at a party hours later bragging about the size of Bryant's penis and giving graphic detail.
*She asked for an autograph after they finished having sex.
* There was more than one sample of semen found in her underwear.

Do these sound like the actions of a rape victim? Kobe was wrong to cheat, but Katelyn Farber was wrong to accuse him of rape when it obviously did not happen. Where are her hecklers? But I guess she's gone through enough, I mean it's not like people are calling her a rapist.

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