Thursday, April 28, 2016

Kinda Not Feeling The Bern

I have debated writing this for a while because every day it gets harder and harder to ignore this feeling.  It’s quite possible I’ll disappoint or even lose some friends with this one but frankly I gotta say it. I am not feeling the Bern. There I said it. Very little of why I feel this way is actually the fault of Bernie Sanders however. I feel this way because if I have any gripe whatsoever with Saint Bernie I get throngs of people basically telling me why I am wrong to have the concerns I do. Here are my three biggest pet peeves when Bernie Sanders is mentioned.
1.     The 1994 Crime Bill and his infamous speech.
We get it. Hillary Clinton is not the most trust worthy. And her super predator comments…ehhhh…quite reprehensible. But let’s not forget who actually voted for this bill. That’s right, one Bernard Sanders. I keep seeing that he gave a passionate speech on the floor but he still voted in favor of it. In fact he even touted it on his own website as proof that he supports tough on crime legislation. Don't believe me? Well...BAM. If he was so against the crime bill why use it as a prop to show how tough on crime you are?

2.     His celebrity endorsers.
Sweet lord his celebrity endorsers who away from politics I am big fans of have really worked my nerves. One of them would be, and it kills me to say this is Killer Mike. He gives a passionate speech about how the benevolent Senator gave up the mic and allowed Black Lives Matter protestors to speak, giving them the stage, and how he LISTENED to them.  This actually ignores what actually happened. Don’t believe me? Let’s hear it from the protester herself.  And then there are people like Cornel West who questions the blackness and ethics of any civil rights icons who don’t worship at the altar of Bernie such as John Lewis. Look here Mr. West, you can disagree with people all you want, but what we won’t be doing is questioning the dedication of one John Lewis to eradicating racism.

3.     His interactions with Black Lives Matter and any topic of race really.
Ah, and we have arrived to the elephant in the room. My biggest pet peeve is that whenever the topic of race is brought up Bernie pivots so hard back to the economy I’m worried one day he is going to tear an Achilles. The answer to the problem of systemic racism isn’t to just get a job. Someone who marched with Dr. King should know that. 
Speaking of marching with Dr. King, uh if that’s all you have to say then miss me with it. MLK is not some magical race pokemon you can throw out if someone disagrees with you. That happened over 50 years ago, we’re talking about today champ.
Now the point of all this isn't to throw my support behind Hillary because frankly not too excited on that end either, but if you don't plan on voting for her you don't get the label of "uninformed voter."Now if you’re a Bernie Supporter by all means I am not trying to sway you. But please when or if I question something about the man don't bring up Hillary, I'm talking about Bernie. Bernie is a grown ass man who should be able to answer a question a potential voter has for him.

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