Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Ranting and Ravings

Boy it has been while since I have hit you all with an update but no worries friends the Chocolate Puma is here to give you the greatest gift of them all, my unsolicited opinions on things happening in the world today!

· The Puma doesn’t claim to have all the answers but something has to be done to curb the gun violence in this country. I’m not saying ban all guns, but what do you need with assault rifles? I honestly don’t know, so if someone can help me understand I’d be grateful. Keep your hand guns, your hunting rifles but let’s leave the assault rifles to those that can handle it. 

· Boy that Tim Tebow sure is something huh? Yesterday he told the coach what he wasn’t going to do. I’m sorry isn’t this the guy who has been lauded for years as being a “team guy.” A decision is made he doesn’t like and boy it sure looks like he got selfish real fast. If this was Cam Newton that did this the calls for him to be cut and blacklisted from the NFL would be all you can hear.

· Calvin Johnson is seriously like a video game creation. Watching this guy should make current DBs want to switch positions to avoid him. 

· Unless you’re this guy.

· This basketball season has been amazing to the Puma. Seeing teams overachieve like the Knicks, underachieve like the Lakers and teams play so boring you forget they exsist sometimes…cough, Spurs, cough.

· That said the Bulls are going to be the death of me. While I root for them actively, a part of me wants them to tank this season. Mostly to protect Derrick Rose and make sure that knee is 100%. Unfortunately that would mean seeing more of Nate Robinson, my least favorite player in the league right now.


Well gang it’s been a blast, but the Puma is going to sign off. But from the bottom of my heart I wish you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and even a Happy Kwanzaa if that’s your steez in the words of Zach Braff.
Merry Christmas from Hip Hop Santa!

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