Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Seriously Rick...

"Most people agree a continuation of the current [welfare] system will be the ruination of this country. We are seeing it. We are seeing the fabric of this country fall apart, and it's falling apart because of single moms."
-Rick Santorum

Seriously Rick, do me and the rest of this country a favor and shut the hell up. How dare you blame the decline of a nation on some of the most hard working people the country has to offer? My mother raised me and my sisters alone, and to the best of my knowledge we're not criminals. I have friends who were brought up by Mom alone and turned out phenomenally. Working hard to provide a life better than the life they lived, sacrificing so much to ensure we are able to have the things we needed and some of the things we just wanted. You didn't just spew ignorance, you insulted the women who should be uplifted. And for that sir you are worse than the Urban Dictionary definition of your name.


jasdye said...

What? Pure awesomeness, but you can't bother with a share button?


The Chocolate Puma said...

Sorry, you know how it is when you get all worked up and lay the smacketh down, metaphorically speaking.