Thursday, February 16, 2012

Please Stop The Comparisons!

I take a week long hiatus for vacation and I return to see that the world has gone crazy. Don’t you worry fans and enemies of the Puma alike as I am now here to help put your shattered lives back together. You see while I was vacationing in Mexico the Puma missed out on the beginning of a phenomenon that is sweeping the nation. I refer of course to Linsanity. This kid has played amazing and it getting a lot of publicity. What has annoyed me the most are the constant comparisons being lobbed right now, you know with the guy whom I have waxed poetic about on numerous occasions. You know his name…Tim Tebow.

Our good friends at the worldwide leader have decided to shove down our throats the narrative that Tebow and Lin have so much in common. I am going to keep this short and extremely awesome by using something crazy called facts. Tim Tebow coming out of high school was a 5 star quarterback who went to the University of Florida which traditionally has been a football powerhouse. Jeremy Lin is an Asian American point guard in a predominately black sport, who was not rated and played basketball at Harvard a school which has produced exactly 3 other NBA players. Florida’s 2005-06 had more NBA players in THEIR STARTING LINEUP.

It doesn’t end there folks. Yes people doubted Tebow, but he was still drafted in the first round and immediately placed at second on the depth chart. Mr. Lin was not drafted, cut by two teams, and had stints in the developmental league. In fact the only reason he got a chance to play was because three other point guards on a 12 man roster were hurt. I am not discounting anything he has done, but a lot had to happen for him to get a chance. Tebow got a chance after a few misthrows from a quarterback the coach didn’t want in the first place.

So while both are heartwarming tales, not the same. They’re both Christians, but using that logic Troy Polamalu and Jeremy Lin are brothers. Where’s that special?

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