Friday, October 7, 2011

A Struggle For Justice

Today I delve deep into myself and share an ongoing struggle in which I am unselfishly sharing with you. This is a story of unfair prosecution and hopefully the tyrant responsible will one day realize the error of their ways. I like one of hundreds of thousands of Chicagoans take the train to work. On my daily pilgrimage to my place of employment I see some of the same faces and we have become acquaintances. A ‘hello’ here and there, a wave, a head nod. But there is a dark force trying to cloud the happy little family that is the Asian hipster, slutty dressed teen, and old black man who usually sit near me. This force is an older Romanian woman.

I should begin this story from the beginning. I usually arrive to the train everyday at 6:30 and I sit in the second seat on the second car as it puts me near the stairs when I reach the loop. For the past few months there has been an elderly Romanian woman who sits in front of me and as I do with my other amigos in traveling I say hello or flash one of my patented grins at the lady. And for the past few months whenever I sit down she promptly gathers her things and relocates to another seat.

For a while I brushed this off until one morning I finally had to ask. So I looked at her as she scowled at me as she moved and simply asked “why do you move whenever I sit down?” She looked at me shocked that I would speak to her. Asian hipster, old black man and slutty dressed teen held their breaths in anticipation of her answer. She said nothing. This time though instead of relocating to another seat, this lady relocates to another car completely!

So now the gauntlet has been thrown. I pledge to you my internet friends, enemies and stalkers, that one day I will have this woman acknowledge my presence. My current method of attack is every time I see her I immediately hit her with a 2 handed wave and smiling widely (which may be terrifying given the caffeine infused state I am in at 6:30 am).
Waving method performed by adorable child

So from time to time I will update you on journey. The road is long, and the task is arduous. But I know that I will be successful. And one day my ragtag comrades of commuting can add an elderly Romanian woman to our midst and be complete as a group of strangers can be.


PaulTCM said...

How do you know she is Romanian?

The Chocolate Puma said...

I assumed she was as I have heard her speak Romanian. She could be just trying to throw me off.

darcie said...

WHAT!! i can't wait for an update. start taking pictures of her.

The Chocolate Puma said...

I will attempt to get a picture, she usually runs away so quick.