Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This is just a quick little rant about a photo I saw online and no it’s not Jay Cutler seen holding hands with Kristin Can-I-Get a talent. No this refers to a photo taken from an event called Slutwalk. Now I am not well versed in the modus operandi of the event but according to the website its sole function is “to enforce the truth that those who experience sexual assault are never at fault-- no exceptions. We seek to combat a culture that teaches ‘don't get raped,’ as opposed to ‘don't rape.’” I have no problem with this so allow me to state for those who like to fight for no reason, the following rant has nothing to do with the event. It does however have a lot to do with this:

Yes upon seeing the photo I did a double take and assumed I was being punked. Surely this person who brazenly held the sign up didn’t believe that “woman” is equal to “nigger.” I could go into the etymology of the words but instead I will use the common sense retort, woman = gender; “nigger”=racial slur. One is not like the other. It also does a disservice to a very worthy cause. People are focusing on a sign rather than the intended message of the event. So to the young lady holding up the sign so brazenly let me tell you this, keep up the work you are doing, but please gain perspective when writing signs. Otherwise some handsome mofo with a blog might write a rambling blog post about you.

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