Friday, August 13, 2010

Pippen > Bayless

Anyone who knows me knows that one of the things that I am downright fanatical about is basketball. especially for my adopted hometown's team the Chicago Bulls. So imagine the great pride of seeing one of my favorite Bulls and one of the best all around players Scottie Pippen get elected to the basketball hall of fame. And for the most part anyone who knows anything about the game has said it is deserved and spoke of the versatility of the consummate team player. That is except for the king of the haters Skip Bayless.

Bayless on ESPN made the ridiculous claim that because Pippen played with the greatest player of all time he was just a product of the system and had nothing but open looks. Nevermind the fact Brad Sellers and Orlando Woolridge both failed in the role to an extent, never mind that his all around game has been praised from John Wooden to Chuck Daly, two guys who know a thing or two about the game, no it was all because of Jordan. I can't make a case just by being loud like Mr. Bayless, but what I can do is use the statistics to prove it.

Bayless claims because Pip didn't even score 20,000 in his career he was just a good player. A list of players who need their status revoked from the Hall would include Isaiah Thomas, Bob Mcadoo, Dolph Shayes,Rick Barry, and Dave Bing. Oh yeah those guys were bums. He didn't win whenJ ordan left. Uh, how about 28 other teams didn't win either.Also the Bulls made it to the Eastern Conference Finals and were a Hue Hollins blown call away from making the finals without MJ. He brings up when Pippen didn't go back in the game when Phil drew up a play for Toni Kukoc to take the last shot, I can't defend it because I don't know what happened. Scottie saidhe had a migraine and I have to say I have had migraines that almost brought tears to my eyes, I would prefer to think of the moment as a temporary moment of selfishness from an otherwise selfless player.

The title Hall of famer doesn't mean one's game is without fault. Each and every member has a hole in their game that can be picked apart and made to seem like they were not an all time great. Bill Russell was limited offensively, Wilt Chamberlain was a selfish player with mediocre defense, Magic Johnson's defense was never anything to write home about. Does it take away from their greatness? Not at all.

But hey, no one can be as perfect as Skip Bayless I guess.

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